Heating systems


Hot water boilers combined with:

Radiation pipes for heat distribution:

  • Aluminum profiles F-21
  • Steel pipes
  • Polybothilene pipes

Fan coils
Growth tables

Heating capacity range:
300,000 - 6,000,000 Kcal/hr.
Fan coils

Hot Air Generators

Advanced Solutions for Heating of:

  • Flower and vegetable greenhouses
  • Agricultural and industrial buildings
  • Controlled poultry houses

Adirom hot air generators are available in diesel, fuel oil and gas fired versions.
Aluminum profiles

Hot Air generators - D Line

Adirom's advanced hot air generators are adapted to the request of each customer to meet the needs of the greenhouses in which they will operate.

Hot air is circulated in the greenhouse by means of perforated diffusion sleeves placed on the ground in the service paths.

This method of circulating the air assures:

  • Uniform temperature throughout the greenhouse
  • Proper cycling of hot air around the foliage
  • Saving of energy

Heating capacity range:
80,000-540,000 Kcal/hr.
Hot air generators

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